Careers in the Natural Sciences

Natural science managers oversee the work of other scientists, doing research and development and planning work activities in a variety of science fields including agriculture, chemistry, biology, geology and more.

Job Responsibilities

Natural science managers often work in research and development, in areas such as municipal organizations or environmental and pharmaceutical consulting, as well as consulting on their own.

They may coordinate activities like testing, quality control, and production, and oversee teams and projects that run the gamut of the life and physical sciences.

Studying land use, monitoring animal populations, obtaining patents, and developing procedures for scientific, technical and architectural work can all be part of the role.

Plus, there may be a heavy emphasis on the business side with budget and supervision responsibilities. This field is growing fast.

Paths to this Job

A bachelor’s degree coupled with work experience in a science specialty such as chemistry, biology, geology or mathematics is a strong foundation to becoming a natural science manager.

Most natural science managers have higher degrees or Ph.Ds, with companies sometimes footing the bill. MBAs are also valuable and many natural science engineers pursue one either before or during their role. Education and experience must be supplemented by business sense, since management will entail marketing, sales and finance functions.

Medical and environmental sciences are both areas of current growth that offer opportunities for natural science managers, and with scientific developments occurring daily, managers need to continue their learning and education all the time.

Natural Sciences Pay Information

$104,400 average annual salary ( Here’s a little more salary information:


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