High Paying Jobs Overview

A study put out by the Wharton business school at the University of Pennsylvania claims that higher income is linked to higher ratings in life satisfaction, because of the freedom brought about by high pay, says senior labor economist James Smith from the Rand Corporation.

Depression rates are lower, health is better, people smile and laugh more the higher their income. Sounds good to us. But there are a lot more reasons to get on the path to a successful, high paying career.

You might have a passion for a particular field and you want to be the best at it; you envision a life with a high-rolling position of responsibility in a cushy corporate office; you want to sock away your high earnings and retire early. In a fluctuating economy where many people are feeling the squeeze of the market and worrying about job security, many people are taking a second look at their careers and trying to get informed about the best way toward financial success. We’ve created a comprehensive guide here with information on getting jobs that pay over $100,000.

Knowing which jobs are high paying is the first step, so we’ve provided listings from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and other sources that break down yearly and hourly wages. We then delve into the fields that are the most lucrative and include job profiles and industry information for these fields and others:

Whether you envision becoming a courtroom maven, king of the boardroom, or a successful doctor, you can learn the nitty-gritty of different positions by reading our job profiles that include starting salary, career trajectory and what each career’s daily responsibilities look like.

Knowing where to start is key to getting anywhere, so we provide listings for the top ranked universities and graduate schools in a variety of relevant programs, along with an in-depth look at the debate over higher education and the importance of getting an MBA.

Is an elite school an advantage for getting a high paying job? What kind of educational background do most millionaires have?

What matters most when it comes to higher education? We answer all these questions and more.

Information is the name of the game when making decisions on your future, so we’ll arm you with a list of further resources and recommended reading to learn even more about fields that interest you.

We also provide a list of top paying companies according to Forbes magazine. In the website, we provide resume, interview and job search tips along with real life advice from professionals in the fields we cover. Finding out what to expect and learning how to advance to top positions are all important prep work for getting on track to making big money.

So start reading and get yourself informed, and when you are struck by something that interests you, use our resource information to read further. The most important factor in getting ahead in a high paying industry is often fueled by a real passion for what you’re doing: as motivational speaker Marcus Buckingham says, "The most successful people are incredibly clear-eyed about what invigorates them and what doesn’t."


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