High Paying Careers in the Health Care Industry

According to Department of Labor listings, 8 of the top 10 highest paying professions were in the medical field, and the number one paying profession was also in health care. Expensive to get there and taking long years of hard work, working in the medical field will still get you the big bucks. We give background on medical school and highlight a few of the highest paying options.

While most doctors do well, some have turned the health care profession into their own personal gold mine. James Andrews is an orthopedic surgeon to top athletes in professional sports, undertaking research, planning and refining of sports medicine including operations and therapies. In another specialty area, Dr. Mehmet Oz works as a cardiothoracic surgeon in addition to publishing over 400 articles, coauthoring the “You” book series and has hosted the Dr. Oz show on XM Satellite radio.

Time magazine named “Wizard” Oz one of the world’s most influential people, and perhaps just as significant, he was tagged “America’s Doctor,” by Oprah. Managing health care can be lucrative, too: many health care startups have raised a large amount of venture capital in the last couple of years. To get a piece of some of the money out there will require years of becoming an expert and putting in time of practice. You’ll have to start with medical school.


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