Careers in Information Systems, IT, and Computer Science


IT Job Responsibilities and Pay Information

Managers of Computer and IT System oversee electronic data processing, systems analysis, computer programming and information systems for a company. They coordinate and direct the overall plan for a company’s information technology (IT) and systems.

IT Managers implement and coordinate the plan and the carrying out of an IT and systems plan for a given company. They look after the company’s IT security, deal with information management, software and application selection, revenue assurance, and compliance. Managers direct other staff, consult with customers and management, develop computer performance standards, policies and methods and look after budgets.

$100,110 average annual salary (

Career Paths

Some managers without bachelor’s degrees have acquired experience and skills to reach their positions, but the best start is to have a bachelor’s degree in a relevant subject such as management information systems, computer science, computer engineering or mathematics.

A graduate degree is highly favorable, particularly a technology-focused MBA, as IT managers increasingly handle business matters along with tech issues.

Once degrees are attained, experience and knowledge are key in rising to a management position.

Managers can move up in the IT department to chief technology officer and then chief information officer positions, and to management positions in non-technical areas such as HR, sales and marketing due to the importance of tech knowledge.

Jobs can be found through recruiting firms and agencies, and practical knowledge and ability to learn and apply knowledge is key. Attend professional conferences and networking events and use career services from graduate computer science and information technology programs to look for opportunities with big companies.


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